We are a fund specializing on investments of high-tech projects and pre-ICO start-ups. Our fund utilizes blockchain technology, based on asset-backed Azbuka Ethereum token.

About Fund

About Fund

The team that runs the fund consists of experts and blockchain spetialists with a long-term experience in investing.
The activity of the fund is completely transparent – all investments are stored in public wallets.
The owner can change tokens to cryptocurrency or Fund’s assets at any moment.

How it works

Joining the fund
After transferring cryptocurrency to the fund’s wallet, the investor gets Azbuka tokens.
Choosing your strategy
The manager forms investment strategy and a portfolio of appropriate instruments
The manager monitors developments of cryptocurrencies, replaces outdated ones with the new ones and adjusts assets portfolio.
Income growth
In scenario when the chosen asset grows in price, Azbuka tokens also go up as the fund’s portfolio includes these assets
Azbuka tokens holder can exchange his share for BTC, ETH or fund’s assets, or just sell them

Fund strategy

Income since the beginning of 2018

BTC load

ETH load

CAFF load

The fund invests in the cryptocurrencies that are

  • The most liquid
    (with the biggest daily turnover and those that are present at the leading exchanges)
  • “Explosive” (with 100x and above growth potential)
  • The most promising long-term investments.



10-и летний опыт руководства и развитие продаж в Банках и Инвестиционных компаниях первого эшелона (Альфа-Банк, RSB, БКС).
Rustam Guseinov
Более 11 лет опыта в инвестиционном банкинге. Квалифицированный инвестиционный консультант по брокериджу и управлению активами.
Denis Dedkov
Co-founder, CEO
Более 10 лет опыта работы в веб-разработке. Solidity разработчик. Победитель крупнейшего Блокчейн-хакатона в Европе в августе 2017.
Svyatoslav Yakimov
Co-founder, CTO
9 лет опыта ведения рекламных кампаний, вывода продуктов на рынок и разработок как на стороне агентств, так и клиентов (ПромСвязьНедвижимость, Danone, Volkswagen, Bayer, QUELLE)
Margarita Guseinova
Marketing & PR




Crypto funds operate on the same principles as that of the company in the classical stock market, but among its assets are not stocks, bonds, etc., and cryptocurrency, i.e. digital currency (Bitcoin, Ether), Project Coin, which are already traded on crypto-exchanges, as well as project tokens, which plan to enter the ICO.


Crypto Azbuka has a number of advantages over competitors in the crypto community:

  1. 12 years in the stock market. Our financial advisors and fund traders have many years of experience in the stock market, which allows them to manage assets more efficiently and to use the experience and lessons of sharp ups and downs for the new highly volatile environment, oversaturated with pseudo-experts.
  2. 90% of funds are protected by smart contract. The fund operates on the technology of a smart contract that restricts access to customers' investments, simultaneously giving access to management to only 10% of the total amount.
  3. You can check the profitability. The result of the work of the whole fund is logged in the blockchain and you can check it by clicking the link in the section above.
  4. For your convenience, we have developed a private office, which, in addition to your personal indicators, contains data on the assets of the entire fund.


We are ready to help you with a full range of financial issues:

  • how to achieve a financial goal
  • how and where to invest correctly at the current stage
  • how to properly borrow money (loans, mortgages, refinancing, etc.)
  • tax refund (property, social, investment tax deduction, etc.)
  • opening accounts in foreign jurisdictions, including obtaining citizenship
  • insurance products


The convenience of crypto currencies is comparable to benefits of messengers and social networks for modern people. Already today, smaller commissions for exchange and transfers are available to users, and tokens are a carrier of various functionalities besides from payment. Innovative and efficient IT solutions, freedom from standardization make crypto currencies, ICO projects and exchanges attractive for investment. Now the development is in the most dynamic stage and can be surprisingly fruitful.


  1. At the first meeting with the client, we will know your tasks, conditions, costs and opportunities.
  2. At the second meeting, in 3-5 days, we present the formed financial plan, discuss it and correct it, if required.
  3. Afterwards, the both sides sign the service agreement.
  4. We hold quarterly meetings for summing up the intermediate results.
  5. The overall result of investment is clear at the end of the year.


Any person, from a student who just first thought about the prospects of revenue management to wealthy clients with investment experience and an already formed portfolio.